Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp Team

About Us

Who are we?

Here at Ultimate Fitness Boot Camp we are a highly motivated, experienced, professional and dedicated team of Personal Trainers, yoga instructors and holistic therapists. We understand how incredibly hard it can be to achieve and more importantly maintain your fitness and lifestyle goals. Without the right guidance, information or plans put into place this can be a near impossible. There is so much contradicting and confusing information out there which only serves to make the process of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle far more challenging and difficult to achieve.

Why should you listen to us?

As fitness and lifestyle professionals we have made the process of achieving your goals far easier for you! We have devised a tried and tested rigorous yet simple to understand and follow Boot camp package which includes everything needed to give you the results that you have always wanted! Whether it be to fat loss, trim and tone, improved cardio or just to become more physically active and healthy we have the perfect package for you! We have used our experience and expertise to design a plan specifically tailored to your individual needs, making sure that all of your exercise and nutritional needs are catered for. Here at Ultimate fitness boot camp your health and well-being are our number one priority and we endeavour to provide an exceptional service at a competitive price.

If you have any questions which you can’t find the answer to in the FAQ page or would like to get in touch please contact us info@ultimatefitnessbootcampspain.co.uk using the emails or phone numbers provided.