Our team

The Boot Camp's Head Instructor

My name is Nadia Maria Ochoa, I am the founder, head Personal Trainer, boxing instructor and nutritional adviser of Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp Spain. I am passionate about fitness and working with people. For me the most rewarding part of my work is helping my clients achieve their goals and change their lives for the better. I strongly believe that where the mind leads the body follows, so keeping my clients motivated and focused throughout (and after!) their fitness journey is one of my main priorities.

I have a martial arts background and have trained in Karate, Ninjutsu and Kickboxing since a very young age. I still continue to train boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai. Since 2013 I have travelled to Thailand 3 times to train in Tiger Muay Thai, I have trained with some of the most accomplished Thai fighters in order to learn new techniques and improve my skill. I am in charge of the overall running of the training facility and making sure that your experience here with us is tailored to your needs and that it is the absolute best it can be. You will also find me teaching some of your classes such as circuit, cardio, martial arts fusion and meditation as well as overseeing you nutritional needs and diet plans.

Please feel free to say hello and talk to me about any questions or feedback you may have, I'm more than happy to help. On behalf of the entire team I wish you a fantastic time with us here and a very warm welcome to the Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp Spain family.

The Boot Camp's Coach

My name is Dris Chaoui Gil, I'm a fully qualified chiromassage practitioner and masseuse, aesthetician, world jumping instructor (one of the many exciting activities included in the bootcamp classes) and Herbalife nutritional adviser. I'm passionate about fitness, nutrition and above all else a healthy and happy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

I love nothing more than to help people achieve their goals and dreams through fun workouts and sound nutritional advice. I will be in charge of teaching your world jumping classes which provide an excellent, high intensity, full body workout (which can be adapted to suit your needs and fitness level) As well as other fun and challenging cardio classes. Please feel free to come and say hello! I look forward to working with you and welcoming you to the Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp family.

The Boot Camp's Fitness Trainer

My name is Juan Carlos Rodriguez Martin, I am a 2 nd Dan Kickboxer and certified member of the Spanish Boxing Federation. I'm a qualified kickboxing, boxing and Muay Thai instructor. I have over 21 years experience both teaching martial arts to the general public as well as training bodyguards, national police and government security officials in self defence and combat techniques. I love to help my students achieve their fitness goals and give them the support and motivation they need every step of the way. For me the most rewarding part of my career is making a positive impact and change to my student's life while increasing their confidence in themselves. I teach all three aforementioned martial arts in my gym and offer both group classes or one to one training sessions. Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further information about my classes or the services that I offer.

I look forward to meeting and working with you all in person. On behalf of myself and my colleagues here at Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp we would like to welcome you to our facility and fitness family.

The Boot Camp's Chef

My name is Miguel Ochoa, I am the head chef at Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp training facility and am in charge of sourcing, preparing and cooking with flair all of your healthy, nutritious and delicious meals, snacks and drinks. I'm passionate about food and nutrition and strongly believe that good, wholesome food doesn't ever need to be boring or bland! I look forward to meeting you all at the facility.