What we offer

The fitness boot camp runs for seven or fourteen days and is suitable for anyone, regardless of age and fitness level!

Our team of fitness and health professionals offer the best and most varied programmes. The boot camp combines an invigorating training schedule, health topic talks, nutritious meals and rejuvenating spa services  – all with personalised service and attention to detail.

While the primary focus is to lose weight and establish an effective long-term fitness programme, we also feel it is important to provide a relaxing environment for our guests to enjoy during rest periods.

In today’s fast paced and supercharged world, sometimes we all need a moment to reboot our mind and re-connect with our inner-calm. With the rising popularity of mindfulness giving us the tools to cope with the stresses and strains of daily life, Ultimate Fitness Boot Camp offers practical techniques for staying present, balanced and calm.

Join our professional retreat team including our experienced health professionals, nutritionists, yoga teachers and holistic therapists who will offer individual care and support. Whether you’re more of a yoga guru or spa holiday worshipper, you’ll find everything you need to cultivate calm and channel a more balanced mind.